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5380 Canotek Rd #23, Ottawa, ON K1J 1H7

Meatings Headquarters

In October 2022, we made the difficult decision to temporarily close our beloved restaurant due to staffing challenges. However, we're excited to share that we've transformed our renowned establishment into a retail space. Now, our valued customers can savor the flavors of our signature dishes in the comfort of their homes with our convenient reheatable options.

While we search for the perfect location to reopen and once again become a home for our cherished friends and family, we invite you to explore our selection of retail products. Your support through these purchases plays a crucial role in propelling us forward on our journey to revive the spirit of the new St. Joseph's. Thank you for being a part of our continued story, and we look forward to welcoming you back to our restaurant soon!

Email Us: retail@meatings.ca

Call us: (613) 680-6328