• 250 mL Dairy Distillery Vodkow Vodka

    Dairy Distillery Vodkow Vodka 250mL (8oz) Spirits made from pure Canadian milk in Almonte, Ontario.

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    Maverick Barnburner Whisky

    Barnburner is a blend of corn and rye whiskies, double aged in bourbon barrels at the Maverick Distillery in Oakville, Ontario. Enjoy a soft and balanced whisky with notes of vanilla, caramel, rye, sweet bourbon, apple and pear, and a hint of woodsmoke. It’s great on the rocks, or in any of your favourite whisky …

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    Dillon’s RYE Whisky

    Copper Pot Distilled – Ontario Rye Grain 43.0%

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    Domaine Perrault Cabernet Franc from Navan, ON

    Dry, medium-bodied red. Succulent flavours of plums, black raspberries, and spice. 750ml 12% alc.

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  • Domaine Perrault Chardonay from Navan, ON

    Dry white wine. Vanilla, apples, and citrus fruits. Pairs great with our smoked chicken! 750ml 12.5% VOL.

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    Plantation 3 Stars Rum

    Plantation 3 Stars is a tribute to the historic rums produced in the Caribbean, with a suave blend of the region’s three primary 35: Barbados, Jamaica and Trinidad. Delicate scents of brown sugar, honey, coffee bean; later whiffs following further aeration encounter baking spices: vanilla, and cloves.

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  • Four Roses Bourbon

    Mix up your favorite cocktail with a sophisticated, contemporary flair with this worldwide favorite. Enjoy this smooth and mellow Bourbon with its long and soft finish. Savor its unique aromas and flavors in your favorite Bourbon cocktail, on the rocks, or with a splash. 80 proof. 40% alcohol/volume

  • Top Shelf Vodka

    Top Shelf Vodka is a beverage that can turn a few heads! Distilled from 100% locally-sourced corn base, our vodka has a smooth light taste with a touch of sweetness which makes it an extremely versatile base liquor for almost any cocktail. We are proud to announce that Top Shelf Vodka won the prestigious Double Gold award …

  • Top Shelf Gin

    A true classic, our gin is a refreshing choice for the savvy sipper. Juniper berries, fresh & dried grapefruit peel, faint notes of cardamom, angelica and licorice root blend to forge the botanical filled flavour we describe as our modern take on a time-honoured spirit. Top Shelf Gin is a double winner of the SIP Awards, …